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(Section 0.2: Logic) 0.2.2 Example 1 (An “If-Then” Statement) Consider the statement: If I get an A, then I pass.” This statement is of the form “ If p , then q ,” where: p is the hypothesis “I get an A,” and q is the conclusion “I pass.” The statement is true , because there is no case where a student gets an A but does not pass. § The converse of p ± q is q ± p . Example 2 (An “If-Then” Statement and Its Converse) Consider the statement: If a number is an integer, then it is a rational number.” • That is, x ± ± () ² x ± ² . The statement is true , because every integer is also a rational number. We can write: x ± ± ² x ± ² . Now, consider the converse of the above statement: If a number is a rational number,
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