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(Section 0.8: Factoring Rational and Algebraic Expressions) 0.8.1 SECTION 0.8: FACTORING RATIONAL AND ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSIONS LEARNING OBJECTIVES • Know techniques for factoring rational and algebraic expressions. PART A: DISCUSSION • In this section, we will extend techniques for factoring polynomials to other rational and algebraic expressions, including those with negative and fractional exponents. Prior to a precalculus course, most students have no experience factoring such expressions.
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Unformatted text preview: PART B: FACTORING OUT GCFs When we factor x 5 + x 3 as x 3 x 2 + 1 ( ) , we factor out x 3 , the power of x with the l east exponent; x 3 is the GCF . We then divide each term of x 5 + x 3 by x 3 to obtain the other factor, x 2 + 1 ( ) . When we divide x 5 by x 3 , we subtract the exponents in that order and get x 2 . TIP 1 : Think: “We’re factoring x 3 out of x 5 . 5 takeaway 3 is 2.” These techniques apply even when the exponents involved are negative and/or fractional....
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