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(Section 0.10: More Algebraic Manipulations) 0.10.1 SECTION 0.10: MORE ALGEBRAIC MANIPULATIONS LEARNING OBJECTIVES • Learn additional ways to write equivalent expressions. PART A: DISCUSSION • The techniques of this section will help us rewrite expressions so that they are easier to manipulate. • They will also help us fit expressions to particular forms and templates. PART B: SPLITTING A FRACTION THROUGH ITS NUMERATOR Example 1 (Splitting a Fraction Through its Numerator)
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Unformatted text preview: Fill in the boxes below with appropriate, simplified numbers: 7 x + 3 x 4 = x + x § Solution We begin by rewriting x 4 as x 1/ 4 , because the template on the right-hand side suggests a preference for exponential form over radical form. 7 x + 3 x 4 = 7 x + 3 x 1/4 We will rewrite this as a sum by splitting it through its numerator. = 7 x 1 x 1/4 + 3 x 1/4 = 7 x 3/4 + 3 x ± 1/4...
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