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(Section 0.14: Lines) 0.14.5 PART D: HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL LINES Equations of Horizontal and Vertical Lines The graph of y = c is a horizontal line. • For instance, the graph of y = 0 is the x -axis . The graph of x = c is a vertical line. • For instance, the graph of x = 0 is the y -axis . WARNING 1 : The two equation forms are frequently confused.
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Unformatted text preview: TIP 1 : Remember the Basic Principle of Graphing . For example, the graph of x = 2 consists of all points with x-coordinate 2. The graph is a vertical line. The graph of y = 2 is a horizontal line. Slopes of Horizontal and Vertical Lines m = for a horizontal line. m is undefined for a vertical line....
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