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(Section 0.14: Lines) 0.14.9 PART F: PARALLEL AND PERPENDICULAR LINES Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Vertical lines are parallel. Otherwise, two lines are parallel (“||”) ± their slopes are equal . A horizontal line and a vertical line are perpendicular. Otherwise, two lines are perpendicular (“ ± ”) ± their slopes are opposite reciprocals of each other. • For example, any line of slope 3 is
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Unformatted text preview: parallel to any line of slope 3 in the same plane, and it is perpendicular to any line of slope ± 1 3 in the same plane. • Also, any line of slope ± 4 7 is perpendicular to any line of slope 7 4 in the same plane. WARNING 2 : A pair of perpendicular lines may not “appear” perpendicular if the x- and y-axes are scaled differently....
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