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(Section 0.16: Variation) 0.16.1 SECTION 0.16: VARIATION LEARNING OBJECTIVES • Know how to model direct, inverse, and joint variation. • Be able to find constants of proportionality (or variation). PART A: DISCUSSION • The terminology and modeling techniques of this section are used in physics and calculus, particularly in applications involving mass and force. PART B: VARIATION y is directly proportional to
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Unformatted text preview: x (or y varies directly as x ) y = kx for some nonzero constant of proportionality (or constant of variation ) k . WARNING 1 : k could be negative, so y does not necessarily increase as x increases. y is inversely proportional to x (or y varies inversely as x ) y = k x for some nonzero k . z is jointly proportional to x and y (or z varies jointly as x and y ) z = kxy for some nonzero k ....
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