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(Section 1.1: Functions) 1.1.1 SECTION 1.1: FUNCTIONS LEARNING OBJECTIVES • Understand what relations and functions are. • Recognize when a relation is also a function. • Accurately use function notation and terminology. • Know different ways to describe a function. • Find the domains and/or ranges of some functions. • Be able to evaluate functions. PART A: DISCUSSION WARNING 1 : The word “function” has different meanings in mathematics and in common usage. • Much of precalculus covers properties, graphs, and categorizations of functions.
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Unformatted text preview: A relation relates inputs to outputs . A function is a relation that relates each input in its domain to exactly one output in its range . We will investigate the anatomy of functions (a name such as f , a function rule , a domain, and a range), look at examples of functions, find their domains and/or ranges, and evaluate them at an input by determining the resulting output ....
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