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(Section 1.1: Functions) 1.1.4 TIP 1 : Think of a function button on a basic calculator such as the x 2 or button, which represent squaring and square root functions, respectively. If a function is applied to the input 5, the calculator can never imply, “The outputs are 1 and ± .” Example 4 (Ages of People) For a relation R , • The set of inputs is the set of all living people . • The outputs are ages in years . a , b () ± R ² Person a is b years old. Is this relation a function?
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Unformatted text preview: § Solution Yes , R is a function, because a living person has only one age in years. § Example 5 (Colors on Paintings) For a relation S , • The set of inputs is the set of all existing paintings . • The outputs are colors . • a , b ( ) ± S ² Painting a has color b . Is this relation a function? § Solution No , S is not a function, because there are paintings with more than one color. §...
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