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(Section 1.1: Functions) 1.1.7 WARNING 6 : As a matter of convenience, some sources refer to fx () as a function, but this convention is often rejected as non-rigorous. • One advantage to the notation is that it indicates that f is a function of one variable. The notation , y indicates that f is a function of two variables. • A function can be determined by a domain and a function rule . Together, the domain and the function rule determine the range of the function. (See Footnote 1.) • Two functions with the same rule but different domains are considered to be different . • Piecewise-defined functions will be discussed in Section 1.5. Such a function applies different rules to disjoint (non-overlapping) subsets of its domain (subdomains ). For example, consider the function f , where: = x 2 , ± 2 ² x < 1 x + 1, 1 ² x ² 2 ³ ´ µ PART E: POLYNOMIAL, RATIONAL, AND ALGEBRAIC FUNCTIONS Review Section 0.6 on polynomial, rational, and algebraic
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