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(Section 1.2: Graphs of Functions) 1.2.2 PART B: THE GRAPH OF A FUNCTION The graph of a function f in the xy -plane is the graph of the equation y = fx () . It consists of all points of the form x , , where x ± Dom f . • In Example 13, we will graph the function s in the th -plane by graphing h = st . • Remember that, as a set of ordered pairs, f = x , x ± Dom f {} . Here, as we typically assume, … x is the independent variable , because it is the input variable. y is the dependent variable , because it is the output variable. Its value (the function value ) typically “depends” on the value of the input x . Then, it is customary to say that y is a function of x , even though y is a variable here and not a function. The form y = implies this. • In Section 1.8, we will switch the roles of x and y . Basic graphs , such as the ones presented in Section 1.3, and methods of manipulating them , such as the ones presented in Section 1.4, are to be
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