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(Section 1.2: Graphs of Functions) 1.2.8 PART G: ZEROS (OR ROOTS) and INTERCEPTS The real zeros (or roots ) of f are the real solutions of fx () = 0 , if any. They correspond to the x -intercepts of the graph of y = . WARNING 4 : The number 0 may or may not be a zero of f . In this sense, the term “zero” may be confusing. On the other hand, the term “root” might be confused with square roots and such. • The graph of y = can have any number of x -intercepts (possibly none), or infinitely many, depending on f . • We typically focus on real zeros, though we will discuss imaginary zeros in Chapters 2 and 6. The y -intercept of the graph of y = , if it exists, is given by f 0 or by the point 0, f 0 . • The graph of y = can have at most one y -intercept. Example 6 (Finding Zeros and Intercepts)
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