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(Section 1.4: Transformations) 1.4.7 PART D: NONRIGID TRANSFORMATIONS; STRETCHING AND SQUEEZING Nonrigid transformations can change the shape of a graph beyond a mere reorientation, perhaps by stretching or squeezing, unlike rigid transformations such as translations, reflections, and rotations. If f is a function, and c is a real number, then cf is called a constant multiple of f . The graph of y = cf x () is: a vertically stretched version of G if c > 1 a vertically squeezed version of G if 0 < c < 1 The graph of y = fc x () is: a
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Unformatted text preview: squeezed version of G if c > 1 a horizontally stretched version of G if < c < 1 If c < , then perform the corresponding reflection either before or after the vertical or horizontal stretching or squeezing. WARNING 3 : Just as for horizontal translations (shifts), the cases involving horizontal stretching and squeezing may be confusing. Think of c as an aging factor . Example 7 (Vertical Stretching and Squeezing) Let f x ( ) = x . First consider the form y = cf x ( ) ....
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