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(Section 1.4: Transformations) 1.4.10 WARNING 4 : We are expected to carefully trace the movements of any “key points” on the developing graphs. Here, we want to at least trace the movements of the endpoint. We may want to identify intercepts, as well. Why is the y -intercept of our final graph at 2 ± 3 , or at 0, 2 ± 3 () ? Why is the x -intercept at 1, or at
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Unformatted text preview: 1, 0 ( ) ? (Left as exercises for the reader.) Example 10 (Finding an Equation for a Transformed Graph) Find an equation for the transformed basic graph below. Solution The graph appears to be a transformation of the graph of the absolute value function from Section 1.3, Part N. Basic graph: y = x Begin with: f 1 x ( ) = x...
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