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(Section 1.6: Combining Functions) 1.6.14 PART F: APPLICATIONS Example 9 (Conical Water Tank) Water is flowing into a tank shaped as a right circular cone with base radius 5 meters and height 10 meters. Express the volume of the “water cone” in the tank as a function of the base radius of the water cone. § Solution • Define variables. • Draw a diagram. • Indicate known information. Let r = the base radius of the water cone, in feet.
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Unformatted text preview: Let h = the height of the water cone, in feet. Let V = the volume of the water cone, in cubic feet. • Express the key formula. We need the formula for the volume of a right circular cone of height (or altitude) h and base radius r . V = 1 3 ± r 2 h As it stands, we are expressing V as a function of two variables, r and h . However, r and h are not independent here, because the shape of the tank forces a relationship between them....
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