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A TRUE LEADER By Jason M. Christian When I hear the word “leader,” the first person that comes to my mind is my mother, Jeanette Christian. She is a Nationally Certified broadcast captioner with stenographic skills of 250 wpm. Her skills allow her to provide remote captions for hearing-impaired individuals in a college, business, or broadcast setting. A leader is one who possesses the skills to build and nurture relationships within a profession, one who is willing to share one’s time and talent, while at the same time thinking of the profession as a whole. I see all these traits in my mother. Her leadership skills allow her to listen to what others have to say and plan a course of action.
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Unformatted text preview: My mother’s skills qualify her in the top 10% of Nationally Certified broadcast captioners in the United States. Her expertise and knowledge is often sought out by others entering into this profession. My mother is a leader in her profession because she exhibits ambition, motivation and confidence. Her ambition drives her to train others entering into this profession. She motivates others by her enthusiasm for her trade. Her confidence allows others to believe she can lead them to success. My mother and colleagues are very successful in providing a service that allows hearing-impaired individuals to truly understand the hearing world in which they are being asked to compete....
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