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(Section 1.8: x = fy () ) 1.8.1 SECTION 1.8 : x = LEARNING OBJECTIVES • Know how to graph equations of the form x = . • Compare these graphs with graphs of equations of the form y = fx . • Recognize when a curve or an equation describes x as a function of y , and apply the Horizontal Line Test (HLT) for this purpose. • Know basic graphs in this new context. • Adapt rules and techniques for function behavior, symmetry, and transformations to this new context. PART A: DISCUSSION • Sometimes, x is treated as a function of y , and we graph equations of the form x = in the xy -plane. These graphs must pass the Horizontal Line Test (HLT) . • The ordered pairs we associate with f are now of the form output, input . x and y switch roles. y , not x , is our independent variable , and x , not y, is our dependent variable . Function values correspond to x values. • Function evaluations and point-plotting are modified accordingly. The
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