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(Chapter 1: Review) 1.26 PART B: QUADRANTS AND QUADRANTAL ANGLES The x - and y -axes divide the xy -plane into 4 quadrants . Quadrant I is the upper right quadrant; the others are numbered in counterclockwise order. A standard angle in standard position has the positive [really, nonnegative] x -axis as its initial side and the origin as its vertex. We say that the angle lies in the quadrant that its terminal side shoots through. For example, in the figure below, the
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Unformatted text preview: positive standard angle with the red terminal side is a Quadrant I angle: A standard angle whose terminal side lies on the x- or y-axis is called a quadrantal angle . Quadrantal angles correspond to “integer multiples” of 90 ± or ± 2 radians. The quadrants and some quadrantal angles: (For convenience, we may label a standard angle by labeling its terminal side.)...
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