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Mesoamerican Olmec = 1200 BC Maya = 300 BC Numeral system Unknown date of origin Vigesimal = base 20 But 18 · 20, 18 · 20 2 , etc. Reminiscent of ? Chinese counting-rods? Mesopotamian? Stacked vertically Had a zero Roman 753 BC Threw out the Etruscans in 509 BC Roman numerals I, V, and X borrowed from Etruscans L, C, D, and M come after 100 BC Additive Calinger: “Subtractive principle was used only sparingly in ancient and medieval times”
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Unformatted text preview: Counting Basic Astronomical Events What are the three most basic in order of most obvious? Day Lunar Month Year Why dont we think much about calendars and motions of moon, earth, and sun? Given to us Poor visibility of night sky Non-agricultural Other things to think about!...
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