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Unformatted text preview: Christoff Rudolff introduced in 1525. Fibonacci (1200) gave us the use of general letters in an argument. + and introduced by Johann Widman in 1489. Used as full-blooded operations by Vander Hoecke in 1514. = due to Robert Recorde in 1557. (Viete had used ; Descartes had used .) due to William Oughtred in early 1600s. Girard (1629) gave us 3 for cube root. Thomas Harriot introduced < and > . Newton used rational exponents. John Hudde (1657) used letter for positive and negative numbers. x 2 not standard until adopted by Gauss in 1801. Solving Polynomial Equations Subcategorizing equations of degree n Equations having negative numbers standing alone or with negative or complex solu- tions werent treated for many years. For example, the quadratic equations solved in ancient and medieval time were of three types: x 2 + px = q x 2 = px + q x 2 + q = px Egyptians Had trouble solving quadratic equations.Had trouble solving quadratic equations....
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