Prelim Questions (lecture 10)

Prelim Questions (lecture 10) - 10.1 Use the table below....

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10.1 Use the table below. Which of the following will just burn off the 1360 Calories you ingest by eating a Double Quarter Pounder w/Cheese Large Meal Deal? A) About 1.6 hours of running. B) About 6 hours of slow bicycling. C) About 4 hours of rapid walking D) About 1 hour of fast dancing. E) All of the above. 10.2 The coenzyme, NAD is formed from 1) Vitamin A 2) Vitamins B1 3) Vitamin B3 4) Vitamin C 5) Vitamin D 10.3 A “biochemical lesion” in the glycolytic pathway is caused by: 1) A deficiency in vitamin A 2) A deficiency in vitamin B1 3) A deficiency in Vitamin B3 4) A deficiency in vitamin C 5) A deficiency in vitamin D 10.4 Lavoisier compared respiration to combustion because: 1) Both processes required oxygen 2) Both processes evolve carbon dioxide 3) Both processes evolved water
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4) Both processes generated heat 5) All of the above 10.5 C(H 2 O) + O 2 CO 2 + H 2 O + energy is the summary formula for 1) The Krebs cycle 2) The Calvin cycle 3) Glycolysis 4) Photosynthesis 5)
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Prelim Questions (lecture 10) - 10.1 Use the table below....

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