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October 21, 2005 12:18 master Sheet number 148 Page number 132 132 References Jehle, G., and P. J. Reny (1997). Advanced Microeconomic Theory . Boston: Addison-Wesley. Kahneman, D. (2000). “Evaluation by moments: Past and future.” In Choices, Values, and Frames , ed. D. Kahneman and A. Tversky. 693–708. New York: Cambridge University Press. Kahneman, D., and A. Tversky (1979). “Prospect theory: An analysis of decision under risk.” Econometrica 47: 263–292. Kahneman, D., and A. Tversky (2000). Choices, Values, and Frames . Cam- bridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press. Kalai, G., A. Rubinstein, and R. Spiegler (2002). “Comments on rational- izing choice functions which violate rationality.” Econometrica 70: 2481– 2488. Kannai, Y., and B. Peleg (1984). “A note on the extension of an order on a set to the power set.” Journal of Economic Theory 32: 172–175. Kasher, A., and A. Rubinstein (1997). “On the question Who is a J?”: A social choice approach.” Logique et Analyse
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