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Jelena Mamčenko Operating Systems Lecture Notes on Operating Systems 14 video acceleration solution. Though termed a bus, AGP supports only a single card at a time. Both of these technologies are now slated to be replaced by PCI-Express, beginning in 2005. This latest standard, approved in 2004, implements the logical PCI protocol over serial communication interface. Expansion slot standards PCI Express AGP PCI ISA MCA VLB CardBus/PC card/PCMCIA (for notebook computers) Compact flash (for handheld computers) Expansion card types Graphics card Sound card Network card TV card Modems Wireless network (such as WiFi) cards. Hard disk/RAID controllers (host adapter) POST cards Physics cards, only recently became commercially available 10 Power supply A power supply (sometimes known as a power supply unit or PSU ) is a device or system that supplies electrical or other types of energy to an output load or group of loads. The term is most
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