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Operating_systems-page18 - Jelena Mamenko Operating Systems...

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Jelena Mamčenko Operating Systems Lecture Notes on Operating Systems 18 Digital Video Express Fluorescent Multilayer Disc GD-ROM Phase-change Dual Universal Media Disc 12.3 Third-generation optical discs Major third-generation optical discs are currently in development. They will be optimal for storing high-definition video and extremely large video games. Blu-ray Disc Enhanced Versatile Disc Forward Versatile Disc Holographic Versatile Disc HD DVD Ultra Density Optical Professional Disc for DATA Versatile Multilayer Disc 13 Secondary storage In computer storage, secondary storage , or external memory , is computer memory that is not directly accessible to the central processing unit of a computer, requiring the use of computer's input/output channels. Secondary storage is used to store data that is not in active use. Secondary storage is usually slower than primary storage , or internal memory, but also almost always has higher storage capacity and is non-volatile, preserving the stored information in an event of power
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