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Jelena Mamčenko Operating Systems Lecture Notes on Operating Systems 26 Note several things here. DIR tells you what files are on the disk, how big they are, and when they were created. DIR also tells how many files total are in the list, how much space those take and what free space remains. Three Simple Commands CLS Clears the screen and puts the cursor in the home (upper left) position. VER Shows the DOS version number on the video display. You are shown the one-digit version and two-digit revision: MS-DOS Version 6.00 VOL d: Displays a volume label, if one exists. The label is a name you have given to the disk when it was formatted. It is used for identification purposes. (The serial number is put on the disk by the FORMAT utility.) Volume in drive C is HANDBOOK Volume Serial Number is 2C35-16F9 Date and Time These two commands show and/or set the system date and time. Early computers relied on you to set the DOS clock during the boot process. In short order
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