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Jelena Mamčenko Operating Systems Lecture Notes on Operating Systems 27 The format for DATE is: DATE <date> On early computers the time setting required a 24-hour clock, i.e., any time after noon had to have 12 added to it, for example 3:00 pm had to be entered as 15:00. While the TIME command will still respond to this type of time, you may not also enter 3:00p and the computer is smart enough to know you mean 15:00. The format for TIME is: TIME <time> On most computers these commands will change the permanent clock settings as well as changing the date/time in DOS. Disks straight out of the package need to be formatted, that is have tracks and sectors defined so DOS can find programs and data on the disk. The command syntax is below (only the most useful options are shown). FORMAT d: /s /u where
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