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Jelena Mamčenko Operating Systems Lecture Notes on Operating Systems 28 Additional Comments Some microcomputers have 1.2 megabyte 5.25" disk drives. There is the temptation to use 360 kilobyte disks in those drives; don't do it. The track width is smaller and if you then put the 360K disks into a 360K drive, they may not work properly. Likewise, you cannot use the high density floppy disks themselves in 360K drives. The magnetic properties of the disk are such that the 360K drives won't format them. With the introduction of 3.5" drives, higher versions of DOS are required to correctly support the new formats. The 3.5" drives come in two sizes: 720K and 1.4MB. Unlike the 1.2MB/360K drives disks, it is possible to format to 720K in a 1.4MB 3.5" drive. All you have to do is tell the FORMAT command the track/sector combination you need: FORMAT A: /F:720 (this tells DOS to format the disk in drive A: to 720K) Not all versions of DOS support higher capacity disks. For example, DOS 3.2 introduced support for 3.5-inch disks, but only at 720K format. In order to format a 3.5-inch disk at 1.44MB
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