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Jelena Mamčenko Operating Systems Lecture Notes on Operating Systems 29 Problem: Copy disk A: to B:. Issue the proper command. Answer: C:\>DISKCOPY A: B: 23.3 Erasing Files Files you no longer need should be deleted from your disk to make room for more current files. Use the ERASE (DELete) command for this: ERASE d:FILENAME.ext or DEL d:FILENAME.ext Be careful, typographic errors in this command can bring disaster! You are allowed to delete all files on a disk with the wildcard * (ERASE *.*), but DOS will question you. Recovery BEFORE writing anything else to disk is possible. An UNDELETE utility started shipping with DOS 5.0. Before that commercial utilities were available. 23.4 Renaming Files For whatever reason, you may need to change the name of a file on your disk. (Usually this is the case when you want to change a backup file to another name in order to return it to active status.) Use this format: REN ame d:OLDNAME.ext NEWNAME.ext Wildcards are allowed, but can cause trouble if you are not careful.
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