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Jelena Mamčenko Operating Systems Lecture Notes on Operating Systems 32 Pathnames Assume the subdirectory structure (only directories are shown, not files). .. Root Level 1 Subdirectory Level 2 Subdirectory C:\ WORDPROC BOOK MEMOS LETTERS This series of subdirectories was set up to categorize various files developed by a word processor. Let's move in the structure: \WORDPROC\LETTERS Would be the pathname from the root to subdirectory LETTERS. \WORDPROC Is the pathname from root to WORDPROC. Note that each subdirectory in the path is separated by a backslash (\). The single backslash at the beginning of the pathname indicates the root. All pathnames must originate in either the current directory or root. A test -- What is the pathname from the root to the subdirectories listed below? Subdirectory LETTERS Subdirectory BOOK Subdirectory WORDPROC Answers. .. \WORDPROC\LETTERS \WORDPROC\BOOK \WORDPROC When DOS is booted, the root directory is automatically selected. To type a file named
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