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Jelena Mamčenko Operating Systems Lecture Notes on Operating Systems 33 and then issue a simple MD DIRNAME command. That way there is no mistake about what will happen. When you no longer need a directory you may remove it from the disk. The first thing you have to do is empty it of files and move out of it. Only then will you be able to remove it. The syntax for removing is: RD d:pathname\ DIRNAME You cannot remove the root directory (it's the master for the disk and when it's the only directory you would have to be in it, and you can't remove a directory you are in). Note: In DOS 6.0 the command DELTREE was introduced. DELTREE will both remove files from a directory and remove that directory with a single command. Mysterious Dots When you are in a subdirectory and issue the DIR command, you will see something like this: The dots indicate you are in a subdirectory. The single dot is the current directory and the
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