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Jelena Mamčenko Operating Systems Lecture Notes on Operating Systems 34 25 Subdirectory Review Assume the shown subdirectory structure... Root Level 1 Subdirectory Level 2 Subdirectory C:\ WORDPROC BOOK MEMOS LETTERS The following series of commands perform the indicated functions. Study them and make certain you understand them. From the root: MD \WORDPROC\LETTERS\HOME Makes a new directory called HOME in LETTERS. RD \WORDPROC\BOOK Removes BOOK from WORDPROC. CD \WORDPROC\MEMOS Makes MEMOS the active directory. To move from the root to the subdirectory MEMOS type: CD \WORDPROC\MEMOS Remember, to make any directory the current directory, simply issue the CD command using the pathname that you would use to access any file in that subdirectory. CD \ alone will move you back to the root from anywhere. From the root, the following command removes the subdirectory LETTERS: RD \WORDPROC\LETTERS Remember, before you can remove a subdirectory, it must be empty (all files deleted and other subdirectories removed), you cannot be in it, and you cannot remove the root directory. In DOS 6.0
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