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Jelena Mamčenko Operating Systems Lecture Notes on Operating Systems 36 ECHO OFF To restart echoing, type: ECHO ON When ECHO is off no part of the actual DOS commands in the batch file will show on the screen. To display a message put it after the ECHO command: ECHO Message As you will see, the REMark command also displays messages; but NOT if ECHO is off! Use ECHO if you want the message to show no mater what. REMark REMark can be used to send messages to the screen or simply to document some part of your batch file's operation. Use them extensively in long batch files. The computer operator (it won't always be you) wants to know what is happening and, over time, you might forget what a complicated set of commands really does. The format is: REM Message REMarks can be up to 123 characters long, although you usually won't want to go over the screen width so you can control the display. An undocumented, variation of this command is the period. In DOS 2.x, if a line in a batch
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