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Jelena Mamčenko Operating Systems Lecture Notes on Operating Systems 37 Interim Review You have now seen the simple stuff. ..Let's see how much of it stuck. Following are a few true/false questions. Think of the answer then look below to see if you were right. Questions: 1. The file AUTOEXEC.BAT must be in the root directory of the boot disk. 2. Batch files can execute a variety of subcommands in addition to the standard DOS commands. 3. Parameters are designated as %0 through %9. 4. When DOS finds a batch subcommand that is improperly phrased, it stops execution of the file and shows Syntax error. 5. You may interrupt a batch command by pressing Control-Home. 6. When you type Control-Break to stop a batch file, DOS will ask you if you want to terminate. If you say No the current command will be ignored but the rest will be processed. 7. The batch filename is substituted for marker %0.8. REMark subcommands display a message regardless of the the condition of ECHO. 9. PAUSE causes the batch file to temporarily stop and wait for you to press a key.
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