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Jelena Mamčenko Operating Systems Lecture Notes on Operating Systems 41 When using DOS commands in (Set) you must use the space as a delimiter and cannot have the asterisk (*) or question mark (?) in any command. Use a colon (:) instead of a space when passing parameters to programs (i.e., DBASE:FILE instead of DBASE FILE). [The colon trick does not always work; you have to experiment.] It is possible to issue the FOR. .IN. .DO command at the DOS prompt by dropping one of the percentage signs (%) on the variable. CALL Sometimes it's handy to be able to run one batch file from another. Until DOS 3.3 you had to resort to tricks to do that; without the tricks when you called a second batch file from a first then control would transfer to the second and you'd never get back to the first. The command: CALL d:path \FILENAME parameters can be used in DOS versions 3.3 and later to start a second batch file from a parent and then return to the parent after the second finishes. Note: Do not use pipes or redirection on the second file. The FILENAME is the name of the second batch file; the parameters are any options that
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