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Jelena Mamčenko Operating Systems Lecture Notes on Operating Systems 44 One batch file can call another, but the original file will loose control of the computer, so don't expect the first batch file to do anything of use after a second is called. DOS 3.3 introduced the CALL command to get around this limitation. Some of the commands will even work directly at the DOS prompt. A batch file might not be necessary. The FOR..IN..DO command, for example, can be used outside of a batch file if you use only one percentage sign (%) to designate the variable instead of two. If a batch file contains a syntax error in any of its commands, the file will stop execution at that point and you will be returned to the DOS prompt. Finally, DOS "remembers" the disk that contains the batch file and the drive it was in. If you removed the original disk, DOS will ask you to replace it before going on.
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