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Jelena Mamčenko Operating Systems Lecture Notes on Operating Systems 51 The FAT filesystem uses software methods that had been in use years prior to its formalization and was created by Bill Gates and Marc McDonald in 1977 for managing disks in Microsoft Disk BASIC and was incorporated by Tim Paterson in August 1980 to his 86-DOS operating system for the S-100 8086 CPU boards; the filesystem was the main difference between 86-DOS and CP/M, of which 86-DOS was otherwise mostly a clone. 29 FAT12 This initial version of FAT is now referred to as FAT12 . As a filesystem for floppy disks, it had a number of limitations: no support for hierarchical directories, cluster addresses were "only" 12-bits long (which made the code manipulating the FAT a bit tricky) and the disk size was stored as a 16-bit count of sectors, which limited the size to 32MB. An entry-level diskette at the time would be 5.25", single-sided, 40 tracks, with 8 sectors per track, resulting in a capacity of slightly less than 160KB. The above limits exceeded this capacity
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