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Jelena Mamčenko Operating Systems Lecture Notes on Operating Systems 65 41 UNIX operation system. Main features and commands. UNIX / Linux UNIX is one of the very oldest operating systems in the computer world, and is still widely used today. However, it is not a very conspicuous operating system. Somewhat arcane in its operation and interface, it is ideally suited for the needs of large enterprise computing systems. It is also the most common operating system run by servers and other computers that form the bulk of the Internet. While you may never use UNIX on your local PC, you are using it indirectly, in one form or another, every time you log on to the 'net. While few people run UNIX on their own systems, there are in fact a number of different versions of UNIX available for the PC, and millions of PC users have chosen to install "UNIXy" operating systems on their own desktop machines. There are dozens of variants of the basic UNIX interface; the most popular one for the PC platform is Linux
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