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Jelena Mamčenko Operating Systems Lecture Notes on Operating Systems 71 versions and implementations contain many other language compilers and toolsets. Early BSD releases included Pascal tools, and many modern Unix systems also include the GNU Compiler Collection as well as or instead of a proprietary compiler system. o Other tools — including an object-code archive manager ( ar ), symbol-table lister ( nm ), compiler-development tools (e.g. lex & yacc ), and debugging tools. Commands — Unix makes little distinction between commands (user-level programs) for system operation and maintenance (e.g. cron ), commands of general utility (e.g. grep ), and more general-purpose applications such as the text formatting and typesetting package. Nonetheless, some major categories are: o sh — The "shell" programmable command-line interpreter, the primary user interface on Unix before window systems appeared, and even afterward (within a "command window").
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