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Jelena Mamčenko Operating Systems Lecture Notes on Operating Systems 74 In 2005, Sun Microsystems released the bulk of the source code to the Solaris operating system, a System V variant, under the name OpenSolaris, making it the first actively developed commercial Unix system to be open sourced (several years earlier, Caldera had released many of the older Unix systems under an educational and later BSD license). As a result, a great deal of formerly proprietary AT&T/USL code is now freely available. 41.7 Branding In October 1993, Novell, the company that owned the rights to the Unix System V source at the time, transferred the trademarks of Unix to the X/Open Company (now The Open Group), [9] and in 1995 sold the related business operations to Santa Cruz Operation. [10] Whether Novell also sold the copyrights to the actual software is currently the subject of litigation in a federal lawsuit, SCO v. Novell. Unix vendor SCO Group Inc. accused Novell of slander of title. The present owner of the trademark
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