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Lecture Notes on the Principles of Microeconomics Eric Doviak 3 rd Edition, June 2005 Table of Contents 4 10 11 13 17 22 23 32 34 43 45 54 57 61 69 78 81 86 93 98 102 104 111 113 114 120 122 124 Lecture 1: Introduction and Math Review Ƈ Homework #1A Ƈ Homework #1B – More Math Review Problems Ƈ What’s the difference between Marginal Cost and Average Cost? Ƈ Calculus Tricks Ƈ Homework #1C Lecture 2: Production, Opportunity Cost and Relative Price Ƈ Homework #2 Lecture 3: Supply, Demand and Equilibrium Ƈ Homework #3 Lecture 4: Elasticity Ƈ Homework #4 Review for the Mid-term Exam Lecture 5: Household Behavior and Consumer Choice Ƈ Examples of Income and Substitution Effects
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Unformatted text preview: Homework #5 A Microeconomic Critique of the War on Drugs Lecture 6: The Production Process: The Behavior of Profit-Maximizing Firms Economic Thought on Land Value Taxation Notes on Isoquants, Isocosts and the Memo on Land Value Taxation Homework #6 Lecture 7: Short-Run Costs and Output Decisions Why does a Firm Maximize its Profit where Marginal Revenue equals Marginal Cost? Homework #7 Lecture 8: Costs and Output Decisions in the Long Run Notes on the Zero Profit Result Homework #8 Review for the Final Exam Page 3...
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