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Jason Christian 2141619 10/07/07 Great Britain: Swansea Who am I? Throughout a person’s entire life, this is one of the most important and most difficult questions to answer. The reason being that all people are defined by the experiences they live. “The core of man’s spirit comes from new experiences” (Christopher McCandless). I have lived my life from experience to experience. Beginning with my childhood, I was born in the rural part of the already rural town Topeka, Kansas. As most Kansans know, Topeka is a relatively small town with very few worldly worries. Elementary school and through high school were both very mundane for me. Living in Topeka, I found that I needed to make my own entertainment, my own life, and my own experiences. It was Christmas of 2002. I opened up my gifts, completely unaware how much one of my gifts would change my life. I do not remember many of the gifts I received that year, but one of them I have never gone anywhere more than a few weeks without. My father gave me a book,
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