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Eric Doviak To: Date: Subject: a microeconomic critique of the war on drugs I know you all think I’m crazy for proposing that the City of designate a time and place where drug traffic could be conducted without fear of arrest, but I guess that’s the price you pay for being the only level-headed pragmatist in the office. I’m not saying that we should accept crime. I’m saying that we should recognize our limitations. There is no way to eliminate all drug-trafficking from , but we can make neighborhoods drug-free. After visiting Mr. ’s home and developing an understanding the aggravation that the adjacent crackhouse has been causing him for the last four months, I was startled that the Police have not been able to permanently shut down the crackhouse earlier. Why have Mr. and his neighbors had to endure this intolerable situation for four months? Why are the Police unable to arrest the occupants and put an end to the problem? This memo will demonstrate that the lawlessness in Mr.
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