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Now Julia graduates college. Since she has graduated, her father no longer gives her an allowance. To fund her purchases of hamburgers and cocaine, Julia now needs to work. She gets a job at a bank and receives $5 for each hour that she works. She is expected to work 24 hours per week, but when she consumes cocaine she arrives at work late the next day and is unable to make up the hours that she missed (resulting in a loss of income). Specifically, the number of hours that she misses is equal to the square of the number of lines of cocaine that she snorts: 2 c hours missed where: c is the number of lines of cocaine that she snorts. In other words, if she snorts one line she misses one hour of work. If she snorts two lines, she misses four hours of work. If she snorts three lines, she misses nine hours of work, etc. 6. If Julia did not consume any cocaine, how many hamburgers could she consume now? 7. If Julia did not consume any hamburgers, how many lines of cocaine could she consume now?
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