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Psychology of the Family Class Lecture Notes By Donald Ratcliff, Ph.D. Why this class? Family is central unit of society. Need this class to build stronger families. Need strong marriages to be effective (if you get married). Need to supplement sociological perspectives (which are valuable and I will include some) with psychological insights (need all the help we can get): o Subsection of social psychology o More related to personality, individuals, less on race, gender, and class (some things on roles) o Also will include biblical background, theology, and relationship of faith to family Suggestions: Read daily from textbooks Stay open to God’s leading as you read Sacred Marriage especially helpful in this regard (report on this reading in F.O.A. assignments). Regularly pause to pray and apply ideas personally Reflect on class activities--review notes before and immediately after class
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Unformatted text preview: What is a family? Difficult to define Varies cross-culturally Varies historically Under dispute in USA at present Biological? But adopted kids are family. Define family as part and kids? But some cultures include extended family (grandparents, uncles, etc.) Some groups have no real family (Shakers had separate buildings for men, women, eventually ended for obvious reasons!) Most common American definition = nuclear family (husband, wife, kids). But this is changing due to: Divorce Homosexuals lobbying for redefinition. “Domestic partners” legislation. Other ambiguities Secular M. & F. texts include living together as family. Dorm as big family? But shall we extend to dorm residents all the family benefits (and higher taxes?). Ideal family of 1950’s = one wage earner, both parents, children of those parents. Today this ideal is only 8% of families!...
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