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Polygamy and the Bible: Monogamy is norm of O.T. & N.T. (Mark 10:6-9) Changes due to contacts with other cultures: Polygamy – Gen. 4:19=first account, long after creation. Concubines – e.g. Sarah’s handmaiden in Gen. 16:1-4 (they had rights much like a bride) But generally polygamy & concubinage are rare in Bible – usually kings (to maintain alliances between countries). Residence Patterns Kinship Bible: Early Beena-marriage = husband moves to wife’s village and offspring considered part of her tribe (Jacob, Leah & Rachel). Rules of Descent Intercultural Variations Rearing Children in Cross-Cultural Contexts Prospective missionaries sometimes worry about kids not raised in U.S.A. Fear they won't fit new culture or original culture--not feel at home anywhere. "Third-culture kids" (Dave Pollock, FOF mag April 24&25, 1989). They have more in common with other m.k.'s than people in either culture. Perhaps even maladjusted. Ted Ward--easy to exaggerate problem.
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  • healthy family life, exceptional cross-cultural sensitivity, boarding school abuse, constant life-threatening danger

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