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age peers (can lead to drinking, drugs, idolizing of people and fashions that are materialistic and even immoral). Ted Ward: "If the family is strong and the family members are committed to one another and not overly protective or compulsively domineering, the children will make the best of whatever schooling is available and will gain far more in social adaptability, creative and improvisational skills, interpersonal sensitivity, and self-acceptance than their cousins back in North America." A real concern in cross-cultural work (both for kids and adults)--health concerns & concerns about terrorism or kidnapping. Now best health care is available via airplane (but how close is airport?). Ted Ward's conclusions: (1989) 1. multicultural experience of missionary family is usually a good experience for kids. Culture confusion and rootlessness is rare. 2. tendency to attribute normal child-rearing problems to culture differences (scapegoating).
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Unformatted text preview: 3. missionaries need strong support networks (especially with sending agency) and counseling if needed 4. literature and parent-child workshops needed. Need to work on making strong families spiritually, emotionally, communicatively. But don't let the scare of hurting your kids keep you from obeying a clear call from God--need a clear calling to make missions a career, not just "there's a need, so that's the calling." But everyone ought to go on a missions trip--try to make it several weeks, not just a week or two. It probably will change your life. And it gives the Lord a way to speak to your heart about missions--either as a life calling, or as an active concern we all should have. Other influences: Attachment style Personality Self-concept and self-esteem Human nature • Adaptation • Parenting • Sin nature • Image of God Process of interaction Sex differences & Gender differences [Videos] Ten Trends...
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