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Bible seems to presume a progression in marriage often termed "Family Development Theory" today. Basic idea: Families change in phases Psalm 127 & 128 1) Ps. 127:1 Unless the Lord builds the house Building, initiating Beginning newlyweds (good verse for marriage and for life: broader than just family. 2) Ps. 127:3 “Sons are a heritage…children a reward” Child bearing years 3) Ps. 127:5 Kids help you contend with enemies Enlist kids in battle against Satan. Goal = kids as co-warriors (Francis Schaeffer – teach kids to rebel against society – and values it represents that are non-Christian) Phase of life with older kids (probably midlife) Ps. 128 seems to continue progression. Ps. 128:1-3 seems to be late midlife, possibly after kids leave home Eating fruit of labor (more money, more time) 4) Ps. 128:3 Wife fruitful – not just having kids, but fruit of her interests and possibly occupation (can pursue it more fully or kids are gone) 5) Ps. 128:5 All the days of life
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Unformatted text preview: Long term perspective, probably in elder years. Ps. 128:6 Definitely older here. Grandchildren (family centered even in elder years) Thus family development theory is implicit (as it is throughout Bible). Family Development theory is linked with life-span developmental psychology (adult development) Good sources: Worthington & Wright’s books on Marriage Counseling. Wright’s Seasons of a Marriage (both of these by Christians) Basic idea – family goes through stages, and many characteristics of each stage are predictable. The tasks & tensions of stages are central. Especially difficult when there are teens in family--marriage satisfaction is at lowest--as well as more problems in other areas of family life. Need more than S.S. (although that's a start). Need face to face groups of parents with teen. Overall conclusion – church needs marriage enrichment at all levels & ages. Minimum: top notch SS class with outings, special speakers....
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