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Must be unconditional without restrictions, much as with a child (no matter what happens). Contrast with contractual marriage – open marriage, as long as it meets my needs. Conditional (many marriages today, not really Christian). 2) Grace vs. law Unmerited favor, responsible love, considering of other. Forgiving of other. Patterns & guidelines that provide security & enhance one another. Contrast with law – must measure up to the ideal, perfectionistic. Absolute rules that limit and repress, no flexibility. 3) Empowering vs. possessive power Opposite of control and exercising power. Not trying to be the boss. See their strengths and potential and encouraging their use and development. Being a servant (Campolo – mutual servanthood) Contrast with exercising own power, or fostering dependence of spouse on self. 4) Intimacy vs. distance Intimacy in communication makes humans distinct from animals “Naked and unashamed” being self, no pretense. Must listen, accept differences, value uniqueness*.
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