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Just friends or get married? Staying Single A real option today. Paul speaks positively of it (I Cor. 7) Should not get married because of social expectation. May have real advantages in ministry (as Paul said, nothing to turn you away from main task (I Cor. 7:33). Paul hints it is a gift (I Cor. 7:7) But if problems with lust, need to marry (7:9) Prejudice against singles : I was considered less mature by mission until married. Some boards don’t let single men be full time missionaries (powerful temptation, especially in permissive cultures) Characteristics of Friendship crucial to many attributes of healthy families. Make sure the person you marry is your friend first! Healthy Family Research by Nick Stinett (studied 3000 healthy families and found 6 commonalities: 1. Commitment to family 2. Time together 3. Good communication 4. Express appreciation
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Spiritual commitment 6. Solve problems in crisis (We’ll cover these in course of this semester, not in order) Timberlawn Studies (1975) Another major studies of healthy families Actually videotaped families interacting: planning an activity and discussing family topics. Later did it on In-depth analysis to distinguish optimal from average families. Ten Characteristics (in order) 1. affiliative not oppositional 2. respect for uniqueness of other’s experience and views 3. open & direct communication (clarity) 4. firm parental coalition (not parent/child coalition against other parent) 5. understanding complexity & variety of motivation (not rigid & controlling) 6. spontaneous interaction (not repetive) 7. members are responsive, creative, unique (not bland) 8. fathers focus on interpersonal vocational satisfaction...
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