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Dating and Courtship -- Mate Selection Eph. 1:11 chosen by God Eph. 1:13 giving a ring = identified Eph. 1:14 guarantee = engaged; bride price = death Even if not dating, or if already married, will need premarriage material in future – to help others and to help your kids. People will ask you for advice and counsel, need to know what to say. Mate selection is one of most romanticized aspects of youth, but not always enjoyable. Societies usually have rules for who is acceptable to marry. Usually groups similar to person preferred (race, income, etc.) Yet close relatives not allowed (sometimes first cousins ok – ancient Hebrews) Often determined by parents – marriage links family , not just individuals. But then tends to change with modernization. Do you marry a person similar to you? Generally yes – race, location, education, religion, ethnic
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Unformatted text preview: background, occupation. Also similar interests and physical appearance. Don’t opposites attract? Sometimes opposites in personality attract (to complement self) Gain-Loss Theory Maximum liking if rewards are gradually increased (e.g. trying to please them with expensive dates, etc.) most liked Proportion of positive statements most disliked Interactions Their liking you is also increased if they do you a favor. Occasional blunder increases liking (perfect person is unapproachable). Relationships are also based on comparisons (applies to dating and friendships). *Realize God has a better view of alternatives (not stuck with own limited opinion).If married, you have God’s best (assuming you sought His will & His blessing). If not married, seek His will....
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