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Gallup also studied students who said they were evangelicals (almost all single) 52% said premarital sex is wrong 28% said they had sex regularly or occasionally 30% said they had more than one sex partner Josh McDowell/Barna study of churched teens 1987 data 1994 Update: Right From Wrong Heavy Fr. Kissing = down to 53% Fondling Breasts = down to 34% Fondling Genitals = down to 26% Sex. Intercourse = down to 16% Also FRC indicates 4% decline in births to teenagers and decrease of abortions for teens since 1991. Why the downturn? Could be statistical artifact – normal variation (can’t tell from report) or could be turn toward morality (programs successful), perhaps due to fear of AIDS Hard to retreat once couple begins having sex. Charlie Shedd says they don’t retreat unless break up. Both need to establish limits, not just girl, and need to go by more stringent limits of the two partners. A key problem with premarital sex is that the relationship becomes sex oriented – less likely to
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Unformatted text preview: get to know partner in other ways. Also likely to develop premature ejaculation (fear of discovery) – carries over to marriage. Kirk Kendal study in 70’s: Sex before marriage less satisfying. Why? Attitude change toward partner (less respect) Realize likelihood of others previously (less trust) and more likely to be unfaithful. Possibility of pregnancy/VD I have never had someone who stayed abstinent say they wish they had had sex before marriage – but had a number that regretted having sex before marriage the rest of their lives. AIDS and VD A lot of information is biased = condoms aren’t “safe sex” How common is AIDS/being HIV positive? Very difficult to get accurate figures (most people don’t get tested unless have symptoms – may not have symptoms for 10 years after infection)...
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